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Do you need to pass a psychological examination under PA Act 120 in order to:

  • Begin your law enforcement officer training in any Pennsylvania police academy?
  • Start working in a PA municipal police department?
  • Start your job as a PA State Trooper?
  • Re-activate your expired PA Act 120 Police Officer certification?

Your Act 120 psychological examination must be conducted by a qualified PA licensed psychologist.

If you are applying for any law enforcement position in a municipal, county, or state police agency in Pennsylvania, or applying to attend a private police academy, you must become Act 120 Certified in Pennsylvania. This requires passing the Act 120 psychological examination performed by a licensed psychologist.

Dr. Bruce Eimer is a Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist, NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Pennsylvania MPOETC Certified Lethal Weapons Training Instructor, and a PA Act 235 Certified Security Agent. In addition to practicing clinical and forensic psychology, Dr. Eimer provides professional firearms training to everyday people, as well as to law enforcement and security professionals. He conducts annual firearms qualifications for 50-state concealed carry for retired law enforcement officers in Pennsylvania under HR218. He is the co-author of the Essential Guide to Handguns and the author of the Essential Guide to Concealed Carry. Since 2004 he has been the author of a monthly column in Concealed Carry Magazine. Dr. Eimer understands lethal weapons and the people who carry them.

Whom you select to conduct your psychological examination, which includes your MMPI-2, can impact your career. So it only makes sense to choose an expert in the field of clinical psychology who also understands police officers, the requirements, demands, and challenges of the law enforcement profession, and the world of firearms and other lethal and less lethal weapons.

Dr. Eimer's practice is firearms-friendly and when you get your Act 120 psychological examination done by Dr. Eimer, you walk out of his office with your report in your hand. Don't wait a month for a psychologist to send in your report to the state - get instant turnaround!

The fee for an individualized one-on-one Act 120 Psychological Examination is $200. The fee for a group Act 235 Psychological Examination is $100.

The Act 120 Psychological Exam is based on a higher standard of evaluation of a candidate's mental fitness and mental stability than is the Act 235 Psychological Exam. This is because the demands, responsibilities, and stressors of an Act 120 certified police officer are greater than those of an Act 235 certified security agent.

With convenient offices just outside of Northeast Philadelphia in Huntingdon Valley and Abington, PA, it's easy to arrange for your testing with Dr. Eimer. Call (215) 947-7867 or email today and let Dr. Bruce Eimer help you get a head start in your Law Enforcement career.

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